Non-profit looks forward to more expansion in 2020, opens more volunteer opportunities

PRESS RELEASE: Global EP Concludes a Busy 2019

ST. GEORGE, Utah, Tuesday, January 28, 2020—After its busiest year yet, Global EP shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. Throughout 2019, the organization conducted international human trafficking extraction missions, provided aftercare to human trafficking victims, and educated vulnerable communities. The St. George-based non-profit has a mission to fight human trafficking with aftercare and prevention. “It doesn’t stop at the extraction. The same [victim] can be extracted 7 to 15 times” CEO Cammy Bowker said in an e-mail last week.

2019 in Numbers

 “Getting an education lessens a child’s chance of being trafficked by about 80 percent” according to Bowker. In 2019, the non-profit made it possible for over 500 children to attend school in developing countries by providing school packs and financial support. The organization also provided 48 salaries to teachers in impoverished communities.

Aftercare is another aspect of Global EP’s approach to battling human trafficking, which is the world’s fastest-growing crime. Through its volunteer efforts in 2019, the organization collected and globally distributed over 1,000 Rescue Packs, which contain necessities for children extracted from human trafficking operations. Locally, Global EP provided 35 human trafficking victims with safe haven and resources upon extraction. The group also worked with businesses to set up safe havens for victims.

Empowering Communities Worldwide

The organization led humanitarian trips to locations such as Haiti and the Dominican Republic, where volunteers ran employable skill workshops and worked in schools. In December, the organization launched Expedition Global for its international trips. Expedition Global is now accepting volunteer applications for trips to Belize, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ireland, and Puerto Rico.

In July, the group installed solar panels at the Haitian American Caucus, one of Haiti’s largest schools. The non-profit accomplished this in spite high civil unrest and conflict throughout the country and a partnership with Skyline Solar. In late August, the organization’s leadership attended the historic 68th annual United Nations Civil Society Conference, notably the first held in the United States outside of New York City. The conference proved an opportunity for Global EP to spread its mission and make new connections in over 5 more countries, including Costa Rica, Ghana, Pakistan, Kenya, India, and other locations in Asia. In September, CEO Cammy Bowker presented at Costa Rica’s UN Peace University and partnered with a human trafficking aftercare center in the country. In late September, author Taylor Hart released four books in her #NorthStar series, which was inspired by Global EP’s work.

New Partnerships

To expand its reach, Global EP made major partnerships throughout 2019. The organization partnered with Adaptive Ops, a non-profit which extracts human trafficking victims and locates missing children, many of which are trafficked. Since making their partnership, the two non-profits have worked together on outreach missions and worldwide humanitarian aid.

Global EP also partnered with the TheCleanerNet, a company that created a cloud-based web filtering system to keep families safe online. Many traffickers find their victims through social media and internet chatrooms, so TheCleanerNet’s work improving online safety aligns with Global EP’s vision of reducing human trafficking through prevention. TheCleanerNet donates 15 percent of the proceeds from its web filtering system to Global EP.

Exciting 2020 Ahead

2019’s accomplishments were only a taste of the organization’s 2020 plans. Global EP will continue organizing extraction missions and leading aftercare efforts through its initiatives such Rescue Packs. Through ongoing consultations with a survivor expert, of which there are only handful in the United States, the group will develop more programs to help victims.

In early January, Global EP kicked off its 2020 campaign. Inspired by the new decade, the campaign calls for $20 donations. Donors also have a new option to subscribe and donate $3.99 a month, about the price of a cup of coffee. Donations go towards saving children from sex traffickers, including necessary supplies and resources for extraction as well as for aftercare. Aftercare includes necessities such as food and clothing, as extracted children cannot bring anything with them. On average, a human trafficking victim will return to trafficking six times without aftercare, usually out of desperation. With proper therapy and a support network, the number goes down drastically. Through its aftercare efforts, Global EP provides a long-lasting solution to human trafficking and will continue to do so in 2020.

A Call for Volunteers

The organization is looking for volunteers willing to help in the United States and abroad. Interested volunteers can sign up at, email, or call 866-589-HOPE (4673). In the United States, volunteer can help by collecting items for Rescue Packs, which are backpacks containing basic necessities for recently-extracted survivors. They can also host awareness events or start a fundraising campaign. Small business owners can make their business a safe space for trafficking survivors. Individuals and businesses can become sponsors via monthly or one-time monetary donations. Abroad, volunteers can lead skill workshops for communities and work directly with local doctors, dentists, teachers, mental health professionals, electricians, self-defense experts, or small business owners. Volunteers can also help at schools and in the community. The organization has spots available for trips to Belize, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ireland, and Puerto Rico.

About Global EP 

Founded in St. George, Utah, by Cammy Bowker, Global Education Philanthropists (Global EP) and is a Federal 501(c)(3) organization. Global EP works to prevent trafficking and empower communities worldwide through education and aftercare. Domestically, Global EP aids extraction teams, provides aftercare for human trafficking survivors, and works to educate on the danger of human trafficking in America. Internationally, Global EP provides aid and educational resources to vulnerable villages to stop the orphan/trafficking cycle. International humanitarian aid expeditions are currently taking place in Belize, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ireland, and Puerto Rico. 

The 501(c)(3) charity hosts international trips to destinations such as Belize, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ireland, and Puerto Rico and is quickly expanding its list of destinations. Volunteers including doctors, dentists, teachers, mental health professionals, electricians, self-defense experts, or small business owners empower villagers by teaching them employable skills while working on projects at village schools and orphanages. Domestically, the charity collects items for Rescue Packs, which aid human trafficking survivors. Items needed include mini toiletries, pajamas, flip flops, journals, pens, chapsticks, water bottles, and small treats. A 501(c)(3) charity, all donations are tax deductible. 

Volunteers can find information about donations or international humanitarian trips on For more information or to apply, email, visit, or call (425) 343-5851. To book Cammy Bowker to speak or present to your office, church group or family email


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