Ending Chronic Malnutrition in Haiti

According to the World Food Programme, 50% of Haitians are undernourished. This statistic includes children. 30% of these children have permanently stunted growth due to malnutrition. Overall, 1 in 14 children die before age 5.

In a country where 75% of the population lives on under $2 a day, citizens struggle to meet even their most basic needs. And while fighting to fulfill their basic nutritional needs, education is extremely difficult. Malnourished children who do attend school have difficulty concentrating and retaining information. When they cannot put food on the table, families cannot afford to send their children to school and even worse, cannot afford to keep their own children.

On our trips, we often work in orphanages. In Haiti, over 30,000 children live in orphanages, a large number for a country of 10 million. Most shocking, however, most of these children are not orphans. At least 80% of these children have at least one living parent. Parents cannot afford to raise children, so they place their own children into orphanages with the hope that their children will be fed and educated.

Sadly, many orphanages do not feed or educate children. By keeping orphanage conditions dire, orphanage directors “profit off the backs of children” because foreigners “give money out of pity” according to Fils-Lien Ely Thelot, president of the National Committee Against Human Trafficking. In fact, orphanages pay people called “child finders” to pressure parents into giving their children to orphanages with false promises of education, healthcare, and other opportunities.

Donating funds directly to orphanages in Haiti supports corruption and human trafficking. Global EP alleviates this problem by directly providing food, rather than funds, to the orphanages.

Donations to Global EP alleviate hunger in orphanages and encourage education. Education helps people break out of the poverty cycle and in the long-run, keeps families together.

On our April trip, we need your help to provide food for children in schools and orphanages. We have launched our Education for Change Campaign to fight malnutrition on DonorBox. We also have a few volunteer spots left for this life-changing opportunity.

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