Our New Survivor Employment Program

Imagine applying to a job with nothing to put on your resume and no references. Then, on top of that, picture trying to hold down a job while dealing with unaddressed anxiety, depression, or a drug addiction. This is the situation many, if not all, human trafficking survivors face when trying to get a job.

On average, a victim returns to trafficking 7 to 15 times. Unemployment and financial challenges the root of the problem. As we wrote on our blog earlier this month, when a survivor has a job, she or he is less likely to return to trafficking out of desperation. 

With the economy where it is right now, it is even harder for a survivor to get a job than at this time last year. Education and job training is an urgent need for survivors. 

Looking at this situation, we realized there was something we and you could do together. Without further ado… 

Global Education Foundation

On May 6, we launched the Global Education Foundation. The foundation teaches survivors small business skills while employing them. While working for the foundation, survivors make bracelets for communities worldwide, run the organization’s call center, and fulfill orders. As of May 21, we are already employing survivors and taking orders. 

These bracelets employ survivors and give them an opportunity to learn small business skills.

You can join the movement by subscribing to receive a set monthly or purchasing bracelets one set at a time. As a subscriber, you will receive a new color with a new survivor’s story each month.

Did I mention these bracelets come in a set of two? Sharing one with a friend is an easy way to bring more awareness to human trafficking and lead the fight (and give your friend a gift). 

The bracelets are Pura Vida style, not gender specific, and carry our logo. Every bracelet set you receive funds 72 hour emergency care and necessities for one human trafficking survivor after extraction. Since the sets are made by survivors, you will also provide long-term support by employing survivors. 

May’s bracelet is yellow in dedication to Coco Berthmann’s sister. Berthmann is a human trafficking activist and survivor who escaped at age 15. Berthmann, along with Global EP and Adaptive Ops, founded the Coco Berthmann Scholarship Fund. The scholarship opened its inaugural round of applications on May 6.

The Coco Berthmann Scholarship is open to human trafficking survivors. On her Facebook page, Berthmann said:

“I am who I am today because I received education. Education saved my life. I believe education is the most powerful tool one can possess… I see a future of survivors who will fight on the front lines as doctors, lawyers, teachers, police officers, etc.” 

Coco Berthmann and May’s yellow bracelet

What does the foundation mean for Global EP?

Starting the foundation is part of our strategic pivot towards empowering human trafficking survivors through employment and education. Like Coco said, education is the most powerful tool anyone can have. That’s powerful. When you wear a Global EP bracelet, you show that you are part of ending human trafficking and bringing education to all – one bracelet at a time.

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