PRESS RELEASE: Global EP Will Reveal Big Announcement on World Day Against Human Trafficking

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Global EP Will Reveal Big Announcement on World Day Against Human Trafficking

Non-profit has quickly adapted its efforts to counter new human trafficking challenges

ST. GEORGE, Utah, Friday, July 24, 2020 — Global Education Philanthropists (Global EP) is an anti-human trafficking non-profit based in St. George with operations and partnerships spanning the globe. On July 30, the non-profit will announce a new project in conjunction with the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.

Human trafficking is the world’s fastest-growing crime. Occurring domestically and around the world, human trafficking takes many forms. These forms include: forced labor, the use of children as soldiers, domestic servitude, sexual exploitation, and organ donation.

The Announcement

The official announcement will be made on July 30, World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. Volunteers from all places and backgrounds can be involved in this new project. “The movement is starting. We are building an army. To join in the fight follow us on Instagram and Facebook to hear the announcements and to get updates” CEO Cammy Bowker said on July 24. Global humanitarian trips and local human trafficking aftercare support are some of the organization’s past initiatives.

Global EP has taken a strategic approach to the fight against human trafficking. Unlike many anti-human trafficking organizations, Global EP does more than just fund rescues or extractions of victims. With the average victim returning to the trafficking life 7 to 15 times, Global EP focuses on prevention, education, and aftercare in addition to extractions. The organization connects victims with empowering resources, such as trusted aftercare centers and scholarships for higher education.

🌎..I’ve been doing a global study for the last few years to understand the monster of child trafficking…. here’s a vulnerable post about who I am. 😬📚As an educator I believe educating to empower is how change happens. So I founded an organization called Global Education Philanthropists- with a dream that anyone who wanted to help others could collaborate with us and find those in need. ❤️😞I’ve seen some of the darkest parts of this world. I realized that sometimes people simply don’t have resources they need to be self reliant. partnering with trusted organizations to truly help the cause is crucial. 🤝My strategic approach that has been born from years of intense research and many sleepless tearful nights for those children in the world who don’t have a voice or a choice. 🗣I believe the approach to fighting child trafficking can’t be just funding rescues, or just prevention, etc. the problems associated with this beast are complicated. I work closely with victims after they’ve gotten away from their predators. They are never the same. Their family is never the same. It’s a life long healing process. The trademarked approach I’ve had to design can best be summed up P. E. A. R.L. Prevent Extract AdvocateReintegrate Lead … more to come on how you can help locally and globally. Want to do something today? Please like, follow and share our FB and IG Global Education Philanthropists – lets start by raising awareness. Then, once you know more. Do more. @globaleducationphilanthropists #operationpearl#projectpearl #GlobalEP#empower#traffickingpreventionthrougheducation#adaptiveops

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Global EP is already recruiting volunteers for its PEARL initiative. PEARL is an acronym for: Prevention, Extraction, Advocacy, Reintegration, and Lead. Through its own programs and strategic partnerships, the non-profit is making PEARL a reality to lead the anti-human trafficking movement.

Some ways the non-profit is already accomplishing PEARL is by empowering human trafficking survivors through medical, emotional, and life skills assistance. Global EP works closely with its partner Adaptive Ops to support extractions. The non-profit also has a subscription option on its website that uses donations to directly keep survivors employed. Each subscription order comes with a bracelet signed by a survivor and includes their escape date.

Global EP further reduces exploitation through:

  • Higher education scholarships through the Global Education Foundation, which enables survivors to attend university or vocational trade school.
  • If needed, scholarship placement in a mental health care facility.
  • Lifelong mental health support, rehabilitation, and legal resources.
  • Supports extractions through its partnership with Adaptive Ops.

Resources For Interested Volunteers

Anyone interested in learning more about human trafficking should consult Global EP’s resources. The non-profit has a podcast, Released Global. In past episodes, Bowker has hosted human trafficking survivors and experts to talk about the latest trends in human trafficking. The podcast is available through Apple, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and the Released Global Facebook page.

Another Global EP resource is Taylor Hart’s #NorthStar book trilogy, which is partly based on interviews with Bowker, is available at no charge through Amazon Kindle. The series focuses on fictional characters in situations based on real human trafficking cases. The books educate readers on human trafficking in an interesting and engaging manner.

TheCleanerNet, a Global EP partner, is a hands-on resource that helps parents protect their children from online predators. The company produces web filters equipped with the latest online safety technology for all devices, including smartphones and computers. The web filter is available for purchase at and a portion of the proceeds go to Global EP.

To join the fight against human trafficking, contact Global EP by emailing, calling 1-866-589-4673, or messaging its Facebook page.

About Global EP

Founded in St. George, Utah by Cammy Bowker, Global Education Philanthropists (Global EP) is a Federal 501(c)(3) organization. There are between 27 and 30 million victims of human trafficking in the world. Global EP believes prevention, education, and aftercare are the sustainable solution to this problem. Through volunteers and strategic partnerships, the organization serves human trafficking victims and at-risk populations around the world. Its programs bring hope one person at a time and cure the human trafficking epidemic instead of treating its symptoms. Global Education Philanthropists will announce a new program on July 30 that offers a hands-on way for all concerned individuals to help the non-profit fulfill its mission and end human trafficking.


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